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Over the past 25 years, J&W Construction Ltd. has successfully undertaken a diverse range of projects, including high-end residential villas, grocery stores, commercial and retail buildings, canal extensions, seawall constructions, resort structures, and renovations. Throughout the years, the J&W team has experienced growth while maintaining a stable core group. This growth has enabled them to foster strong relationships with local subtrades, architects, engineers, suppliers, and building authorities, ensuring the success and quality of their projects.

Footprints On The Beach

Building on the foundations

“Footprints on the Beach,” a five-bedroom villa located on the exclusive Flamingo Lane’s eastern end. With extensive outdoor spaces and 100 feet of beachfront, it offers a private setting for couples and a spacious environment for families. The villa features contemporary interiors with neutral furnishings, accented by pops of color like a lime-green feature wall and arc lamp.

  • Details

    Property Type : Villa, Bedrooms :6,Square Footage :4,500 Sqft, Year Built :2007

  • Category

    Luxury Private Villa